Contoh Soal Teks Narrative (Narrative Text) Kelas 9

contoh soal teks narrative (narrative text) pilihan ganda beserta jawabannya

 Teks narrative atau narrative text ialah teks yang dibuat untuk menghibur pembaca berdasarkan imajinasi ataupun pengalaman nyata (to entertain atau amuse the readers and to deal with actual or variuous experience). Ciri karakteristik dalam teks narrative terdapatnya suatu permasalahan (konflik) serta penanganan(solusi). Jumlah kasus/konflik yang dipaparkan dapat lebih dari satu dalam satu text narrative.

Terdapat beberapa jenis dalam narrative teks, umumnya teks lebih bersifat fantasi/fiksi, kenyataan/fakta, ataupun kombinasi antara keduanya. Narasi dalam narrative teks dapat berupa narasi misteri (mysteries), peri (fairy stories), roman, fantasi objektif (science fiction), narasi horor, cerita binatang, dongeng serta hikayat, narasi petualangan, asal usul, balad, bagian cerita hidup seorang, atau pengalaman individu.

Struktur dari narrative text antara lain:

  • Orientation (Latar; Tokoh, waktu, dan tempat)
  • Evaluation (sifatnya opsional)
  • Complication (pengembangan konflik)
  • Resolution (penyelesaian konflik)
  • Reorientation (sifatnya opsional)

Ciri- karakteristik kebahasaan dalam narrative text seperti berikut:

  1. Focus on spesific participants
  2. Use of past tense
  3. Use of temporal conjunctions and temporal circumstances
  4. Use of material (or action) process
  5. Use of relational and mental process

  • Nouns tertentu bisa sebagai kata ganti orang, misalnya stepsisters, stepbrother
  • Adjectives yang membentuk noun phrase, misalnya: old wood house, two red apples
  • Time connectives and conjunctions untuk mengurutkan kejadian misalnya then, before that, dsb.
  • Adverbs and adverbial phrases buat membuktikan posisi peristiwa ataupun insiden, contohnya in the wood, here,  happily ever after, dsb.
  • Action verbs dalam past tense, misalnya lived, stayed, left, dsb.
  • Saying verbs yang menandai ucapan seperti said.

Selanjutnya ini merupakan contoh/ilustrasi dari teks narrative:

Contoh soal teks narrative (narrative text) umumnya melingkupi persoalan sekeliling memastikan cerminan umum, menciptakan data khusus, memastikan benak penting alinea, memastikan data rinci bagus tersirat ataupun tersurat, memastikan arti tutur semacam pertemuan serta rival tutur dan memastikan angka akhlak dalam teks itu.

Contoh Soal Narrative Text Kelas 9

Narrative Text 1 for number 1 - 3

Narrative text 1

1. What is the text about?

a. A smart man and a farmer
b. A farmer and an emperor
c. A farmer and witty birbal
d. An emperor and a witty birbal

Jawaban: C

2. What is the moral value of the text?
a. Don't try to cheat because you will end up paying for it regardless of how smart you think you are.
b. Stealing is not a good thing, you can always use your brain and ease out of the difficult situations.
c. One who desires more, loses all. One should remain satisfied with what one gets
d. Do not just blindly walk in to anything without thinking

Jawaban: A

3. Why didn&'t the man let the farmer use the water from the well?

a. Because the man obeyed  what the emperor said
b. Because there was no water in the well
c. Because the man needed the water for himself
d. Because the man thought that he had sold the well but the water was not involved

Jawaban: D

Narrative Text 2 for number 4 - 6

Narrative Text 2

4. What does the text mainly talk about?
a. A brave little boy
b. A little boy in a slingshot
c. A reckless little boy
d. A little boy and a duck

Jawaban: B

5. What is the moral value of the story?
a. What is bad in one case may be good in another
b. Don't trust people easily
c. Practice makes perfect
d. You should confess of your mistakes

Jawaban: D

6. Why didn't Sammy tell to his grandmother that he had killed the duck? Because...
a. He wanted to tell abouth the truth later
b. He did not want to tell about it
c. He was afraid of saying about the duck
d. He was relieved that he could hit the target

Jawaban: C

Narrative Text 3 for number 7-10
Narrative Text 3

7. What is the moral value of the story above?
a. We should prepare well when we travel
b. Revenge is a bad thing to apply in every condition
c. Smart person always beats greedy  person
d. Don't underestimate to someone

Jawaban: C

8. It can be referred from the text that...
a. Inn was unlocked when the traveler came
b. The traveler brought all of his bags inside
c. The silver coin was given after the door opened
d. The traveler finally got back his silver coin from the inkeeper

Jawaban: D

9. The traveler finally obeyed about what innkeeper said and passed a silver coin through a slit in the door.... his needs and the terrible condition outside.
a. due to
b. since
c. Because
d. for

Jawaban: A

10. What is the story about?
a. A greedy inkeeper and a smart traveler
b. A traveler who came from a distant town
c. A wicked traveler and a helpless traveler
d. A traveler going to a distant town

Jawaban: A

Narrative Text 4 for number 11-13

Narrative Text4

11. What can we learn from the story? 
a. True friends will come in need not when they need
b. A litre of salt means nothing compared to the sea
c. There will be consequence over an action
d. Anger will never be a solution of a problem

Jawaban: D

12. What is the text about?
a. A legend of seven thousand islands
b. A legend of Philippines archipelago
c. Two friends who never stopped arguing
d. A story about pearls

Jawaban: B

13. What did Angngalo and Angngarab argue upon?
a. The amount of pearls they found
b. The place to find pearl 
c. The pile of shell they got
d. The pearl they searched for

Jawaban: A

Narrative Text 5 for number 14-17

Narrative Text 5

14. What made the couple start to drop items into the pot?
a. Mrs. Haktak found two purses in it after she dropped her purse
b. When Mr. Haktak accidentally made his wife plunged into the pot
c. After Mr. Haktak found it in the garden when he trimmed the grass
d. They already knew the magic of the pot since the beginning.

Jawaban: A

15. Why is the text written?
a. to tell about Mr. and Mrs. Haktak's life
b. to amuse the readers
c. to describe how to solve the problem
d. to explain how the pot worked

Jawaban: B

16. The complication of the story is ....
a. Mr. Haktak kicked the door after shopping in the market
b. There were two of Mrs. Haktak
c. Mr. Haktak did not help Mrs. Haktak with the house works
d. There was a magic pot found in the garden

Jawban: B

17. It can be concluded from the story that ....
a. an idea can suddenly come up to our mind
b. it is better for us to knock on the door first before entering
c. we should be grateful of what we have
d. we have to be smart in solving a problem

Jawaban: D

Narrative Text 6 for number 18-20
Narrative Text6
18. Who was actually the character of the story?
a. A disobedient boy
b. An evil
c. A fool boy
d. A male donkey

Jawaban: D

19. What did "the fool" do after he woke up?
a. He met two boys
b. He bought a donkey
c. He went for a town
d. He chose a donkey he wanted

Jawaban: C

20. What is the purpose of the text? 
a. to explain how something is happened
b. to tell past events
c. to give amusement
d. to describe something

Jawaban: C

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